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Ternopil National Technical University
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Ternopil National Technical University

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The origins of the university reach 1960, when Ternopil All-technical Department of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute with the extra-mural and part-time study forms was organized on the 11th of March. Stolyarchuk V.P., Ph.D. was appointed the Head of the Department; and the training was conducted by 12 teachers. In February 1962 Shcherbakov A.O., Ph.D. started working as the Head of the Department. At the same time full-time specialist training was opened.

On May 15th 1964 the Department was reorganized into Ternopil affiliate of Lviv Polytechnic University with the first chairs of higher mathematics, drawing geometry and graphics, technical mechanics, physics and energetics. Shcherbakov A.O., Ph.D. became director of the affiliate. In 1964-1968 new chairs were formed: the Chair of social and political sciences, theoretical mechanics, foreign languages, metal technologies, machine tools and instruments, physics, general and theoretical electrics and physical education. At that time the affiliate trained specialists in the following specialties: mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machine tools and instruments, electrical measuring equipment and radio equipment.

In March 1968 Polishchuk A.G., Ph.D. became director of the affiliate. The intense work on the necessary instrumentation of teaching rooms and laboratories, expansion of the teaching areas, replenishment of the teaching staff with Candidates and Doctors of Science, organization of the Extra-Mural Studies Department and creation of the chair affiliates at production was being conducted.
In October 1985 Shabliy O.M., Sc.D was appointed director of the Ternopil affiliate of Lviv Polytechnic University. He initiated the opening of new specialties: technology and equipment of the welding production, automation of the technological processes and productions, instrumentation, biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems; construction of the new teaching building was conducted. Due to the active and effective work of the headsand staff on the 27th of February 1991, Ternopil InstrumentationInstitute was created on the basis of the Ternopil affiliate of Lviv Polytechnic University, being the second higher educational institution of this directionin Ukraine. The first rector chosen by the staff was Shabliy O.M., Sc.D. At that time the Institute comprised 3 departments integrating 13 chairs. The general quantity of students was 2420. 150 teachers worked at the Institute, 76 of them being Candidates and Doctors of Science. Since April 1995 the educational institution has carried the name of the outstanding Ukrainian scientist and public man Ivan Pul'uj. In accordance with the decision of the InterbranchAccreditation Commission, in 1994 the Institute was accredited as a IV level educational institution.

The creation of the Institute was a powerful impetus to the new quality changes and further growth. The restructuring of the economy of the region and the necessity of providing staff for overcoming the crisis helped change the orientation of the Institute and carry out its considerable structural reconstruction. The Institute has practically lost its narrow applied line gradually transforming into the multibranch higher technical educational institution.
Considering the real developments and achievements of the staff, the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1536 from the 30th of December 1996 approved the creation of Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj State Technical University on the basis of Ternopil InstrumentationInstitute. Academician Shabliy O.M. became the rector of the university.
University is an educational, scientific, engineering and cultural centre of the western region of Ukraine. Nowadays it is the only higher technical educational institution of the region providing the training of specialists of all qualification levels, Doctors and Candidates of Science for the region comprising also Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyy and Rivne.

Since 1999 the university has been a full member of the European University Association - an organization uniting more than 600 European universities, it also holds membership in the national association of rectors from 43 countries which is the main representative organ for the higher educational institutions in Europe. The European University Association is a consultative member of the Supporting group of the Conference of Ministers of Education from European countries. The university takes active part in fulfilling one of the main tasks of the association which is the creation of the European higher education space where students, teachers and scientists would be able to accomplish their own intentions and ideas on the basis of the established European educational norms.
On the 16th of September 2005 Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj State Technical University joined the European Declaration of the higher educational institutions of the Magna Charta Universitatum comprising fundamental principles, rights and duties of the universities as the outposts of culture, knowledge and research and uniting more than 530 leading universities of Europe, among them 14 from Ukraine.

The range of specialties taught at the affiliate, institute and, finally, university has gradually extended, and presently the amount of specialties for bachelors, specialists and masters reaches the number of 20. Altogether they are united in 15 directions.
8 departments are functioning within the university: Computer Technologies Department, Department of Computer Information Systems and Program Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department, Food and Processing Production Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Economy and Entrepreneurship Department, Department of Management and Business in Production, Department of Testing Instruments and Radio Computer Systems. The training is also conducted at the International studies centre and Pre-university studies centre. The re-training and skill upgrading is organized by the Post-graduate studies centre.
The educational process is assured by 34 chairs. Among them there are 5 humanitarian chairs (Ukrainian Studies and Philosophy; Psychology in Production; Foreign Languages; Sports and Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Education); 3 fundamental chairs (Higher Mathematics; Physics and Mathematical Methods in Engineering); 4 all-engineering chairs (Graphic Modeling; Information Science and Mathematical Modeling; Construction Mechanics and Electrical Engineering) and 22 specialized chairs (Mechanical Engineering; Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering; Food Biotechnology and Chemistry; Food Technologies Equipment; Production Marketing; Production Management; Entrepreneurship Management; Computer Sciences; Machine Tools, Device and Machines Design; Technical Mechanics and Agricultural Machine Building; Illuminating Engineering; Welding Production Technologies and Equipment; Apparatuses and Testing Instruments; Biotechnical Systems; Automation of Technological Processes and Production; Computer Integrated Technologies; Energy-Saving and Energy Management; Power Consumption Systems and Computer Technologies in Power Industry; Radio Computer Systems; Economic Cybernetics; Economic Theory, Finance, Registry and Control).

In 1995 the university transferred to the specialist training pursuant to the educational and professional programs of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. The education model approved envisions, besides the high professional training, the accomplishment of task-oriented programs of the intense fundamental training and computer education, modernization of the economic sciences teaching, humanization of the educational process, development of the foreign language teaching and advance in the legal education of specialists.

Teaching staff is represented by 332 teachers, one of them being a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, another is a member of the New-York Academy of Sciences; there are 10 Academicians and Corresponding Members of the branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 48 Doctors of Science, Professors and 214 Candidates of Science, Professor Assistants. Among them there is a great many well-known and esteemed scientists and pedagogues: Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, Sc.D., Professor, Honored Man of Science and Technology of Ukraine Shabliy O.M.; Academician, Honored Inventor of Ukraine, Sc.D. Gevko B.M., Sc.D. Rybak T.I.; Professors Didukh L.D., Kovalchyk Y.P., Molchanov A.D., Nikonenko V.M., Shtefanych D.A.., Zubchenko I.I., Stukhlyak P.D., Yasnij P.V., Lutsiv I.V., Yukalo V.G. ; Professor Assistants Grynchutskyy V.I., Mykhaylyshyn M.S., Kryvyy P.D.,. Tataryn B.P., Lobas V.V., Shelestovskyy B.G., Kukharska V.B., Prots Y.I., Yamko M.P., Bunyak A.M., Juk M.P., Bakushevych I.V., Yavorskyy B.I., Mylyk M.P. etc.

A lot of our graduates has connected their further work to the university, among them Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Rector, Sc.D. Petro Yasniy; Vice-Rector for Teaching and Educational Affairs, Sc.D. Ihor Lutsiv; the member of the Writer Association of Ukraine, public man, Vice-Rector for Humanitarian Education and Pedagogical Work, Ph.D. Oleg Herman; Head of Computer Technologies Department, Sc.D., Stukhlyak P.D.; Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Ph.D., Yuriy Palyvoda; Head of Department of Management and Business in Production, Ph.D. Andriy Oksentiuk etc. We are proud of our graduates occupying responsible posts at Ternopil enterprises - amalgamation "Vatra", Combine Factory, factory "Saturn" as well as other enterprises in different regions of Ukraine.
University students can acquire master degree as well as continue their studies as post-graduate and doctoral students. 4 specialized councils on the Ph.D. (Sc.D.) thesis defense are functioning; well-known scientific schools both in Ukraine and abroad were created. Over the last 3 years 27 persons have obtained the degree of Candidate of Science and 5 persons obtained the degree of Doctor of Science.

The works of our scientists were on repeated occasions exposed at the international exhibitions, especially at the exhibitions of medical instrumentation, information technologies (1997 - 2006, Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany) etc. The developments were exposed at the I and II International investment forums of the Ternopil region. High estimation of the results of research conducted by the scientists of the university is confirmed by the awards and diplomas obtained at the exhibitions.
In 1995 TSTU became the first Ternopil higher educational institution to initiate the publishing of the "Scientific Herald" with the volume of more than 200 pages. TSTU is also a co-founder of another specialized scientific edition - "Galician Economic Herald".


Organizations Management
Informational Control Systems and Technologies
Informational Control Systems and Technologies
Biotechnical and Medical Apparatuses and System
Instruments of Precise Mechanics
Automated Control of Technological Processes and Production
Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Productions
Manufacturing Engineering
Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Systems
Agricultural Engineering
Food Industry Equipment and Machinery
Technologies of Fruit and Vegetables Storage, Preserving and Processing
Technology and Equipment of Welding
Electrical Engineering Power Consumption Systems
Economic Cybernetics
Radio Engineering
Computer Systems and Networks


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